Recent news​

End of the World

March 2020 

So, there seems to be a bit of a virus thing brewing around the world. One by One countries are locking down their citizens and closing their borders. It's mainly killing old people but spreading through everyone, could be good to document this in a blog...AHHHH, A BLOG. That's what this page is missing. If My words don't work in a song and are too long for a poem then I can put all these other words into a blog like some teen influencer trying to get free hair produce!!!

I have had a great idea, the Eurovision song contest is cancelled (along with EVERYTHING else that involves more that 2 people standing next to each other) So I'm going to attempt an online World-Vision song contest and get as many people to upload a live track of them playing an original song. Click HERE for the event

New Recordings

January 2020

I have met up with a producer here in France to work on a new EP...possibly new album. I have 9 songs that never got recorded and 3 or 4 news ones which have slowly been brewing whenever I get time to pic up a guitar. I have just bought a couple of new mics too so can start demo tracks soon. 

I'd like to collaborate a bit more with local musicians as I did back in the UK when I lived in Leamington Spa and Birmingham, and also when I was in Israel I collaborated with some great people then too. I miss being super involved in the music scene and in Clermont Ferrand there isn't much of a scene at all. I should start looking at doing a few events this year.

I am now organising the poems which will go up soon in the ""Read" section.

Website Update
December 2019

Out with the old and in the with the new...with much old stuff still in it.

2020 is a year I want to get back into the swing of things. I am aware that I spread myself way too thin with various projects and ideas and I want this website to just hold it all. The music, the poems, the podcasts, the videos, the ramblings of a frustrated human being. It is annoying to have 5 ideas pop into my head a week and only be able to do none of them, it's time to get organised, time to collaborate, time to get this website going.

I have been writing poems for a while now, they are not quite poem poems but stuff that could never make it into a song. Some of them are pretty controversial, but not in an antagonising/provocative way but more of a rational perspective where I take into consideration both sides of the argument and say what I feel. I am very happy to debate any of these subjects, but only with sensible people who understand the point I am trying to make. I will start with a few tame ones, then now and again throw in a spanner for discussion. I will have a special section on this site where I will put my words onto one of them sort of inspirational cheesy backgrounds. 

I have wanted to do a podcast for ages now, maybe the market is way too saturated but I am going to do one anyway based on a book I am writing for my daughters called "If I never get to tell you..." Which is basically advice to my little ones if I somehow die before I get to tell them. More diets to follow soon.